ISO Pas 17712:2010 Freight Containers - Mechanical Seals Certification

In September 2010, International Standard 17712, Mechanical seals (ISO 17712) replaced the Publicly Available Specification 17712 (ISO/PAS 17712). 17712 is now a fully-fledged ISO International Standard.

ISO 17712:2010 establishes uniform processes for the classification, acceptance and withdrawal of acceptance of mechanical freight container seals. It offers a single source of information on mechanical seals which are satisfactory for securing freight containers in global commerce.

International Standard ISO 17712, Freight containers - Mechanical seals, published in September 2010, is the third generation of 17712. The first generation was a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) published in 2003; the second generation was a revision to ISO/PAS 17712 published in 2006. The generations are cumulative except for some fine-tuning of earlier work.

ISO 17712 addresses all types of security seals working on maritime containers. Since many other industries use the same seals, members of those industries also may choose to take on ISO 17712.

The revision made an important connection of two features:

Compliant seals must show a mark to point to their classification - "H" for high security, "S" for security and "I" for indicative.

Only manufacturers certified as compliant with the normative annex may put grade marks on seals.

Benefits of ISO Pas 17712:2010

Shipping waits that result when seals are misplaced or broken.

Cargo theft or tampering;

Unlawful material being inserted into the container;


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