ISO 28000:2007 Certification - Specification For Security Management Systems For The Supply Chain

ISO 28000:2007 is a management system standard which has been developed specially for logistics companies and organizations that handle supply chain operations. Published as a Publicly Available Specification by the International Standards Organization in 2005, this was replaced in 2007 by the full standard, ISO 28000:2007.

Supply chain safety is a necessary requirement for companies involved in the global supply chain, particularly those having to comply with stronger security demands from Customs and/or their business partners.

“The ISO 28000 series of International Standards identify the necessities for a security management system to make sure safety in the supply chain. Its standards can be applied by organizations of all sizes involved in manufacturing, service, storage or transportation by air, rail, road and sea at any phase of the production or supply procedure. The series includes provisions to:

Establish, apply, maintain and develop a security management system.

Promise conformity with security management policy.

Demonstrate such conformity.

Look for certification/registration of conformity by an accredited third party organization.

Build a self-determination and self-declaration of conformity.

Benefits of ISO 28000:2007 Certification

Enhanced supply chain performance.

Improved credibility and brand acknowledgment.

Integrated enterprise resilience.

Aligned terminology and conceptual practice.

Systematized management practices.

Greater compliance procedures.

Benchmarking against globally recognizable criteria.


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